The World Bank Activities in Yemen

Yemen joined the World Bank (WB) in 1969.  Since then, the WB has been providing steady assistance (technical & financial) to Yemen for combating and eliminating poverty, as well as to foster sustainable economic growth.  The WB has supported more than 130 projects in Yemen with a total assistance of over 2 Billion dollars.

The WB’s support has concentrated in the following four areas: 1) Improving Governance; 2) Fostering Private Investment; 3) Enhancing Human Capital; 4) Ensuring Sustainable    Development. *

1) With respect to governance, WB is coordinating with the government of Yemen (GOY) to improve the public sector. Specifically, WB and GOY have addressed the allocation of public resources, improving public services, and reducing corruption by promoting accountability and transparency. Indeed, reforms have also involved dealing with the judiciary process, advancing efficiencies in the civil service, and building local government capacities with policies and procedures under the overall design of decentralization. There are 19 governorates (i.e., provinces) in Yemen, and each has its own local institutions and authorities; More notably, the respective political bodies therein have all been appointed via plebiscite – and there are mechanisms also in place for referenda (if necessary) to decide on important issues.

2) With regard to private investment, WB aims to engender an economic environment that will substantially produce jobs and related employment opportunities. In order to encourage private investment and productivity, WB has helped GOY strengthen and update the judiciary system. Rules and regulations, taxation codes and other legal requirements have been restructured to abate impediments to investment (foreign or domestic) and infuse greater business competitiveness. Moreover, GOY has set up a specialized entity – the General Investment Authority – entrusted with the task of facilitating opportunities and operations for investment.

3) In terms of human capital (a component crucial to poverty alleviation), programs and projects have been put in place for expansion of education and vocational training; the betterment health/nutrition and medical care; and access to information and communication technologies. As a result, since 1990, general primary education enrollment rates have increased from 57 to 78 percent by 2001. In particular, female illiteracy has dropped from 87 to 75 percent, while for males it has declined from 45 to 32 percent. Infant mortality rates have also decreased from 110 (per 1000 births) to 79. Meanwhile, life expectancy has increased from 52 to 57.

4) For the sake of affording sustainable development, the WB is helping to face the challenges peculiar to Yemen’s environment. The areas of concern include resolving the country’s water predicament with measures to manage the scarce water resources; combating factors that contribute to desertification, and maintaining its unique biodiversity. However, the acute priority is addressing the deep water shortage due to climatic conditions, compounded by the depletion of groundwater as a consequence of inefficient human use for life-supporting functions (i.e., agriculture, waste disposal, drinking and general household purposes). Therefore, in order to garner sufficient water resources to meet population growth and secure “carrying capacity”, both urban and rural measures have been executed to promote soil conservation, more modern irrigation methods have been adopted, and public awareness announcements have been launched on water conservation and effective use.

The table below includes a complete list of active & proposed World Bank projects implemented in Yemen as of 2000.**

Project Name

IBRD/IDA Status Approval Date
1 RY-Groundwater & Soil Conservation Additional Financing 15 Active 11-Sep-08
2 Avian Influenza Prevention and Control Project 0 Active 11-Aug-08
3 Additional Financing for Third Social Fund for Development Project 0 Active 26-Jun-08
4 Yemen Safe Motherhood Voucher Program 0 Active 2-Jun-08
5 RY-Public Works III Additional Financing 29.84 Active 17-Apr-08
6 Civil Service Modernization Project Supplemental Loan 14 Active 3-Apr-08
7 Yemen: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Implementation 0 Active 3-Apr-08
8 Secondary Education Development and Girls Access Program 20 Active 18-Mar-08
9 Taiz Municipal Development and Flood Protection Project 20 Active 29-Jan-08
10 RY-Rural Water Supply Additional Financing 20 Active 15-Jan-08
11 Institutional Reform Credit 50.93 Active 6-Dec-07
12 Social Fund for Development 3 (supplem.) 15 Active 19-Jun-07
13 RY-Second Vocational Training Project 15 Active 27-Mar-07
14 Strengthening the Integrated National Program (INP) for the Prevention and Control of Avian and Human Influenza 0 Active 5-Feb-07
15 Rainfed Agriculture and Livestock Project 20 Active 6-Jul-06
16 RY-Power Sector 50 Active 23-May-06
17 Fisheries Resource Management and Conservation 25 Active 15-Dec-05
18 Second Rural Access Project 40 Active 8-Nov-05
19 Yemen: Basic Education Development Program 65 Active 23-Sep-04
20 RY-Social Fund For Development III 60 Active 26-Feb-04
21 Groundwater and Soil Conservation Project 40 Active 26-Feb-04
22 RY-Third Public Works 45 Active 26-Feb-04
23 Sana'a Basin Water Management Project 24 Active 3-Jun-03
24 Port Cities Development Program 23.4 Active 23-Jan-03
25 Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project 130 Active 1-Aug-02
26 Health Reform Support Project (HRSP) 27.53 Active 28-Mar-02
27 Taiz Municipal Development and Flood Protection Project 45.2 Active 1-Nov-01
28 Yemen Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project 20 Active 21-Dec-00
29 Irrigation Improvement Project 21.3 Active 7-Sep-00
30 RY-Civil Service Modernization 30 Active 20-Apr-00
31 Yemen Health & Population 28 Pipeline N/A
32 Yemen-Water Sector Support 90 Pipeline N/A
33 RY-Mocha Wind Park Project 20 Pipeline N/A
34 RY-Adaptation to climate change using agro biodiversity resources in the rainfed highlands of Yemen 0 Pipeline N/A
35 Second Port Cities Development Project 30 Pipeline N/A
36 RY- Integrated Urban Development 30 Pipeline N/A
37 RY-Rural Energy Access 25 Pipeline N/A

* For active and closed projects, the commitment amount at Board approval is shown in US$ millions. This does not reflect any cancellations. Proposed (pipeline) and dropped projects show the forecast amount. The commitment amount for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparation.

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Sources:  * World Bank, Yemen.
  ** "Projects Database", World Bank Website.



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